Saturday, 6 August 2016

Please, do not feed the birds!


So this is the big one, this week the London Street Photography Meetup group went large, we hit Brighton, and during Pride too. Our first challenge was to all try and catch the same Southern Trains train, no mean feat! The reoccurring text from Sheena saying she was at Clapham Junction (or Clap Junc, as it's now known as) continued to haunt Polly's phone all day. Despite the impressive Pride-attending crowds everyone was located and could trek towards the the flamboyant Brighton Pavilion for our warmup.


It's been about 15 years since I've been to Brighton, I figure it was Lucy's hen weekend on that visit. I don't think we saw that much of Brighton, certainly not the beach or pier(s). There was some minor Lanes action on Sunday, but most of our time seemed to be spent helping Lucy tick off her hen weekend tasks! Enough said!


Whilst we were flexing our collective photographic muscles, Polly was being targeted (and successfully) by one of the local seagulls. After she brandished a few wet wipes, we gathered again for our next challenge and head for the front. En route, so we didn't have to go all the way round, we joined the Pride parade briefly and shimmied across the main drag(!) as a short cut.


The intrepid Pollyographers were issued with our first mission: capturing British seaside characters (channelling a bit of Martin Parr). Extra points for a knotted hanky, and Alfred actually found one!


I should know this from Lyme Regis, I struggle to decide what is the most suitable footwear for hitting the beach, and invariably get it wrong. Well, I don't really wear what others would consider to be sensible footwear. Perhaps other beach goers would favour flip-flops but for me, the triumvirate of rubber, the thing between the toes and the flatness totally preclude me from even considering such a thing. I have donned wedge sandals but I struggle to walk and remain upright on uneven ground. This was typified as I was lurching slightly across the beach looking for decisive moments, a beachball lands at my feet. I bend over to scoop it up and return it to the owners and instead end up following through the bend and falling onto the beach. I tried to style it out and pretended that I wanted to sit right there at that moment. Actually, I was able to get some nice angles on the seagulls circling ahead. Hmmmm, that probably means Polly is nearby, as undoubtedly, they do follow her.


We reconvene to dine on fish and chips, and compare notes and back of cameras. Our next challenge is to head for Brighton Pier and look for random details amongst the promenaders, funfair riders, amusement arcaders, drinkers, ice-cream waters and bathers.



After all of that we finished off with al fresco burgers whilst seagulls continued to keep their beady eyes on Polly and her burger. Our final challenge was, in deference to the glorious day, the lengthening shadows.

It was a great, long (did someone say Southern Trains?) day and we laughed, a lot! I was able to fully immerse myself in a revisit to my seagull obsession and also add a new love of stripey deckchairs!


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