Sunday, 4 September 2016

Catching those catching air and bunny tails

My 35th London Street Photography Meetup, and a completely full house of Streettogs (plus one found fluffy bunny tail!) head forth to the Southbank for a composition hunt.




We started with the classic rule of thirds, then 50/50 (splitting the frame into two), negative space, diagonals and the ubiquitous frame within a frame.






On previous visits I've tried and not really managed to capture any of the resident skateboarders "doing air", "getting air", "achieving air", whatever the vernacular is. I was determined to see if I could capture something interesting and follow (or break) a few composition rules along the way.





Another fun and exhilarating day, fabulous to catch up with old friends plus meet new ones, and I suspect our new fluffy white Meetup pet with make a comeback!


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