Sunday, 31 July 2016

Don your bad boy trousers...


The latest London Street Photography Meetup had us all lurking around the London Film and Comic Con exhibition in Olympia stalking superheroes, sci-fi characters and random furries.


We had two challenges today. Firstly, we were to capture some candid shots in the steamy streets (full marks for such a copious amount of plush, latex and lycra in that heat). The hope was to grab an snap of Superman nipping out of telephone box, leaving the toilet or at repose eating a sandwich.


Our second challenge was to enquire if any of the shy and retiring convention attendees would pose for some portraits for us. I'd found a good bit of dark fence on the way to the main entrance to act as a backdrop. They leapt at the opportunity to be thoroughly papped!


I must admit there were only a couple of outfits I could immediately identify, but had to admire the commitment to their chosen theme. The lady in the elegant black and white striped dress and the awesome handbag was at pains to point out that this wasn't a costume, this was her normal day wear. Impressive!


Quite a few of our intrepid Streettogs felt the long arm of the law, or actually, high-vis jacketed security today, they didn't approve of our photography. Did I mention how enthusiastic the convention attendees were about being admired for their extreme outfit efforts and pose for us? Hmmmm, a crime indeed!

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