Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Is there anybody out there?

The photo mojo motivator spat out “abandoned buildings” today. I was scratching my head to think of any deserted places near me. I wasn't sure trying to photograph through the window into the long gone Habitat store would work but after casting my eye around it occurred to me that where I work is certainly becoming abandoned (think ’sinking ship’!). Other floors have already packed up and whisked away all their detritus. Perhaps if I go down the back stairwell, see if by any chance there's a door that's not been securely locked that I could sneak into and grab a few shots of the gloomy stripped out floor. There was and I did.
I opted for black & white as the vibrant orange pillar seemed to make it a little less desolate. Maybe rather too reminiscent of yesterday’s photo but if I'd known what I would be given today I would have rethought my ’leading lines’ shot. But then I know I'm drawn to these linear, converging line, abstract images. Well at least it's not food!

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