Monday, 27 February 2012

Leading astray!

Today's random theme is Leading Lines. Thankfully this could be interpreted in a more uplifting way than "sad" and "decay". Though I could be mean and call this building both sad and decayed, well maybe just falling apart.

After well over a decade we are leaving this building, the blue crates are stacked high, the skips have been wheeled into place. It's just the matter of tackling the mammoth task of sorting, tipping or keeping.

This is the funny little walkway I've traipsed countless hundreds of times over the years, trying to not get my high heels caught in the wooden slats on the left of the columns or in between the paving slabs. At least there aren't any cobbles this way but if I turn 180 degrees that's another obstacle to endure. And there's a small matter of the murky waters of the dock where I've nearly (but not quite) sacrificed a mobile phone and where another J lost a shoe! Our new building isn't in such a picturesque location, there's no view to speak of and the busy main road adds a degree of danger to journeys to and from. But it's much fresher, the lifts work and just maybe the air conditioning blows cold when it's hot and toasty warm on the chilly days. Fingers crossed!

The white balance is a little funky due to the odd overhead lights but I liked the contrast of the blue rectangle indicating the path to freedom. day three done!

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