Saturday, 3 December 2016

Through the eyes of an alien child


Saturday's London Street Photography Meetup was "Urban Abstracts", also known as "Through the eyes of an alien child"! We had four close-up elements to capture - 1) letters, numbers or symbols, 2) colours 3) curves (not 'women curves') and lastly lines (up and down-y lines, side to side-y etc).







Our playground was Smithfield Market, post meat trading, though still a tad gamey in the air. One of the brethren of our most enduring group of supporters, a security guard, informed us there was to be no photography, we smiled, nodded and pretty much ignored him!





This was a new theme and I really enjoyed losing myself in the abstracts, the minutiae and the little details and not having to contend with those pesky human types.


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