Sunday, 11 December 2016

Winter Wonderland and 'elfies



Today, the London Street Photography Meetup photogs descended en masse upon Hyde Park and all that is the 10th year of Winter Wonderland. Our challenge was (and it certainly was) to create a set of three photos working with the twinkling and sparkly nights. We could look for silhouettes against the colourful amusement rides/stalls, or abstracts using ICM and purposely off-focus, or the faces of some of the visitors (not necessarily the smaller ones) illuminated by the vibrant neon. The main challenge was trying to make any sense of the crazy cacophony of the crowds and kaleidoscope of chaotic colour.




Those who hadn't begun to suffer from frostbite congregated in the large marquee that made up the Bavarian Village and feasted on bratwurst and Geri’s chocolate balls washed down with lashings of mulled wine.

And then with the aid of an elf Darren won on some shooting (the other kind) skills thingy, we decided to take a whole bunch of ‘elfies, and in some cases, thoroughly abuse the poor elf!


As we were leaving, I won a small, fat penguin with a net and gave him a little tube adventure on the journey home.



I'm not sure I have a set as such but rather a random collection of all the themes, hmmm, which three?


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