Sunday, 18 December 2016

Not so secret sky garden


Today's London Street Photography Meetup, and the last of 2016 was back to one of my favourite themes, Man vs Architecture. And I was finally going to visit the Sky Garden in the Walkie-Talkie building. That isn't really its name, I think it's just called 20 Fenchurch Street (I know, catchy!) I visited it frequently in its previous incarnation, when it was much less shiny. But that was work (even though lovely people worked there) and this is pure photographic pleasure.


Whilst we were up there, we were tasked to work with glass, which, luckily, there was plenty of. Sadly the view was a tad obscured by mist and framed by such a bland sky by it was fun trying to capture some interesting silhouettes.




When we were down on terra firma again, our challenge was to illustrate scale, little people, tall buildings, obviously that gave us plenty of opportunity to comment on the vertically challenged amongst us! I added a ginormous Gherkin, a giant head and a towering walkie-talkie into the mix.




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