Sunday, 27 November 2016

Seeing red in Seven Dials



As my 1st anniversary of attending London Street Photography Meetups rapidly approaches we return back to our familiar ffffff...freezing Meetup weather. Whilst battling with icy extremities we had 5 themes to rapidly capture, with varying degrees of success in my case. The themes are pulled randomly from a hat* (*for hat read - small paper bag that didn't enjoy the large-handed ministrations of Simon), we started with red (ideally three points of red, not just one red thing!), limbs (a favourite of Polly's), then close-up, frame within a frame and road markings. Once you started you continued to see red at every turn though.




In my quest to perhaps capture an interesting close-up of some interesting red accessories I got somewhat caught up in a photo shoot with two elegant Japanese models and their crew. I will leave others to post my comical attempts to extricate myself from being in front of their lens, whilst 'surreptitiously' wielding my own camera.





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