Sunday, 15 January 2017

Alone and Together and pigeons!

This was my first London Street Photography Meetup of the year, there had been another escapade to Walthamstow and the mind-melting neon and argon of God's Own Junkyard but knowing it'd be hugely popular I'd waited to see if there were any spaces left. And, as expected all the spaces were filled so I sat it out that time.


Today's theme was Alone and Together in Trafalgar Square, with the added nuance of rain (shiny pavement reflections, shooting through raindrops etc) as the glorious January weather wasn't being kind to us. And for a bonus point, maybe the odd pigeon or seagull could be incorporated in any resultant shots.
Our challenge today was your capture lone figures or several figures that are strangers occupying the same space. My photo of these four people almost appear to be dancing though actually they are all just hurrying through the rain.


I found myself especially drawn to people sheltering under red umbrellas, and wielding a pink and red flowery Marimekko umbrella myself I think I also featured in a few photos. As well as the obvious Trafalgar Square I favoured two playgrounds, the blank wall in front of the National Gallery and further along, the painted hoarding advertising the Caravaggio exhibition was a dramatic backdrop.


It was really great to shake out the photographic cobwebs, catch up with old friends and meet new ones too!

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