Friday, 11 November 2016

Welcome to the retro future-verse!






Wow, I think my eyes and brain have just recovered from the neon/argon overload and can sift through, post-process and curate several hundred shots. So here are the fruits of my psychedelic labour at God's Own Junkyard.



This London Street Photography Meetup tasked us with putting together a magazine layout, a double page spread, landscape and portrait, and, leaving some negative space on the DPS for the copy. Oh and we had to think about bleed and our image not being swallowed by the fold, phew!







Or we could just concentrate on not having our minds blown by the extreme vibrancy, the cacophony of all that is vivid, rosy-hued and neon in, as the proprietor called it, this retro future-verse.




After all the neon, I grabbed a Picasso-esque selfie in a giant glitter ball, as you do! The resultant image is what I suspect that's what my brain looked like too.







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