Friday, 18 November 2016

Light hunting!


Today's London Street Photography Meetup was an exercise of searching for light in and around the Science Museum in South Kensington. For the first challenge we were to look for reflections in shiny objects and glass, possibly even of ourselves. We split up, so as not to look too much like a group, some of us strolled nonchalantly inside, pretending not to know one another.


Paul and a couple of others discovered a fabulously shiny tunnel in the Imperial College campus which, after seeing his shots, we all ended up exploring. Well, you can’t keep a good tunnel to yourself!


Inside the Science Museum we had the staircases behind the open lifts to explore, the glass walkways and ramps, glass cabinets full of science-y stuff and I even tried something with a shiny desk toy in the inevitable little shop.



The second challenge was capturing our subjects backlit. Beyond space (yes, there is something beyond) was the multimedia science news gallery with primary panels of light, an escalator leading up to the vivid blue and orange of the IMAX cinema and randomly, the world’s largest tyre (of course!)



Today's subject matter I felt demanded demanded a colour treatment though the shots around the glass tunnel were rather monochromatic. I couldn't decide how to frame one of my favourite images, the couple entering the shiny tunnel with the reflections of the surrounding buildings reflected above. Or should I just show the silhouettes and the tunnel. As I struggled to decide, I've posted both of them.

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