Saturday, 16 July 2016

Losing our heads

This was my 30th London Street Photography Meetup with Polly and it was a proper challenge. Firstly we are not accustomed to such fine weather at a Meetup, so were sweltering as we stalked our likely subjects.


The Anonymous in the East End Meetup consisted of two challenges (or three, if we count the fact we're on another market situated Meetup). Firstly, face-replace - where the face is substituted by another object, often with almost facial features. I loved the inspirational images Polly showed us, especially the guy with the underground station clock for a face, (Bob Mazzer) but struggled to shoot anything in a similar vein I liked. I will revisit that theme though on another day and eventually will capture a photo of that ilk I'm proud of.

The second challenge of our Anonymous in the East End, was cutting off our subjects to lose their heads, thankfully slightly less frustrating.


I'm not entirely sure I didn't lose my own head today, a demanding theme and phew, what a scorcher!


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