Sunday, 10 July 2016

Peering up petticoats

Today's London Street Photography Meetup theme was Eye Spy in Petticoat Lane. We had to pick five themes at random from a few Polly had selected - human evidence (like the end of the world Meetups), frames within a frame, patterns, matching clothes and face in the crowd.


As mentioned previously, I can find a street market quite challenging, so of today's elements I definitely favour the street photography devoid of humans in the empty streets near the market. And then when we hit the crowded streets, the frame within a frame.


Though I do like a pattern, so will play around with that theme again.


The matching clothes was a new challenge, perhaps we could capture people passing each other in similar outfits, or someone hanging near a stall sporting a similar style to what's on display. The easiest option seemed to be stake put the jeans stall.


I flip-flopped between monochrome and colour but I decided that colour helps me make more sense of the cacophony of the street market, so abandoned my customary B&W


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