Saturday, 20 February 2016

Portobello and purple!

This week's London Street Photography Meetup theme was colour in Portobello, colour blocks and multiple points of the same colour. Here's a location I have many memories from, but I don't recall arming myself with a camera in the many, many times I pounded these streets.

I found the visual cacophony of the market really challenging and the rain, just damn annoying! The coloured houses, I'd never seen before, seemed more promising and I find myself spotting a possible subject and running up and down the street positioning myself in front of the optimum hued house for their clothing. It didn't look odd at all! The woman in the natty purple trousers seemed 'delighted' to have one photographer to her side and another facing her.

My final shot was trying to capture some of our intrepid Streettogs through the windows of a moving tube, from the opposite platform. Polly, as ever, keen to dodge our lenses even managed to almost duck out of my shot...almost.

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