Sunday, 28 February 2016

The end of the world as we know it!

This week's London Street Photography Meetup sounds a bit different than other weeks and most intriguing, The theme was "the end of the world", the remaining detritus after all the humans are eradicated. Nope, not dark at all! And it's the 28th February, hmmm,all very 28 days later!

We started in a tiny passage called Catherine Wheel Alley. It was the sort of place just off a busy road where you could be isolated despite the madness nearby. It seems it was more well known than I expected and those cutting through we rather surprised to stumble upon a dozen photographers looking for a hastily abandoned coffee cup. One French woman exclaimed into her mobile "I came around the corner and there's a bunch of tourists taking pictures of rubbish!" A new member of our group bravely suffered for his art and lay down in the rather smelled gutter to get his shots. Most of the rest then photographed him looking like a dead body.

Thankfully we didn't meet any zombies in our post-apocolyptic land, but did stumble across a random troupe of ladies adorned with feathers and sequins and shaking their bits. The end of the world is pretty sparkly it seems!


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