Wednesday, 20 July 2011

It was a dark and stormy night!

It was a rain sodden night on the London South Bank and the intrepid yet damp Frui Photography Social snappers set forth to capture some of the local iconic architecture – but in a quirky way of course. I reacquainted myself with the fact that my camera and I completely concur regarding an utter distaste for big, fat raindrops lashing down upon us. I spent most of the hour’s photography time trying to remove enormous droplets that entirely drowned my tiny lens with a borrowed cloth and attempting to protect my new silk ‘dusk-coloured’ clearly rain-averse dress from getting soaked – and failing! Yes, I know – the benefit of hindsight! Really photography plus an umbrella are a terrible combination. One of my targets was the National Theatre which does boast a lot of blandness but utilising some welcome cover managed to find a nice little play on shadows. Something must have gone right as I was awarded my first rare and highly covetable Photography Social 10 out of 10 – whooo! Worth the drenching I guess!
I was reasonably pleased with some of my photos of the rushing couples hunched under their umbrellas shot from the relative shelter of Hungerford Bridge – but as the main theme was Hungerford Bridge the emphasis should have been more on ‘bridge’ and less on ‘puddles’. I’m going through a reflective stage so the puddles are very alluring. But as a Photography Social is all about ‘the team’ selection for each category you may be persuaded that a random shot through the grimy Perspex of the lift going up to the bridge, heavily gouged with graffiti would add a bizarre touch of ‘street’ to our presentation. It didn’t fare well!
And I also concluded that I am most definitely a fair-weathered photographer, hopefully at next month's social the elements will be kinder.

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