Sunday, 2 October 2016

Vintage, Viv and an even tinier Polly

Today's London Street Photography Meetup photogs revisited the Vintage Carboot Sale at King's Cross looking for a few sharp dressed men and women to photograph.



Our first challenge was to ask for permission to take a portrait. Luckily after taking so much effort with their appearance, everyone seemed happy to shine. Which was fortunate as we were definitely not the only street photographers on the hunt for lens candy.



Our second challenge was to revert back to the more traditional candid shots, shot-from-the-hip photos, trying to capture the interaction between the stall holders and customers.



I spent some time with my favourite trio of mannequins again. I just love that open mouthed expression.
We also got to meet Viv the spiv, aka Polly's new very special friend, a friend that gives special hugs. Enough said!





Afterwards, we sprawled on the damp grass drinking in my case, some exceptional sloe gin, and sharing newly minted photography cards and banter.



Polly's extra mini minifig (and obligatory seagulls sidekicks) were released into the world, just the beginning of a future minifig Meetup.

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