Saturday, 8 October 2016

Three is the magic number


Three is the magic number, so they say, but Portobello Market isn't generally my happy place! I don't know why but I find the crowds and chaos a cacophony of both noise and sights exhausting, and not conducive to good photography. But we had three challenges, so on my third London Street Photography Meetup visit to this market, I had to attempt to tame it and bend it to my will.


The trio of challenges were: three in a row, rule of thirds and the dreaded compositional triangle. My only way of tackling the chaos was trying to simplify, perhaps lurk at the edge of the market down the side streets, opt for feet rather than faces, peer through gaps and windows and sometimes think in monochrome.


I also managed to make three purchases too, including what is fast joining my top three hats list, well, three is the magic number!

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