Sunday, 12 June 2016

London rebel!

Today the London Street Photography Meetup Streettogs had to immerse ourselves in the street art and street markets of the rain! In the glorious June weather we were lurking and waiting for people to walk into the frame and become, albeit briefly, part of the artwork.

I particularly admire those who'd put some effort into coordinating with the wall behind them. The dark-haired women in the purple top cycling past the raven headed graffiti women in purple, the boy with the stripe on his tracksuit matching the stripe in the wall and even the women with the yellow scarf on carrier bag. And a few pedestrians were considerate with their umbrella colours too.

It's a popular past-time of strolling around Shoreditch and Brick Lane photographing the ever-changing graffiti. However, as Polly took pains to tutor us, it's not enough to take a photo of someone else's artwork and call it street photography, that's more like a documentary. To make it our own we must find our own take on it, wait for a passersby to complete the image, and then it becomes your artwork.


I must admit I enjoyed the art part better than the markets, and was very much taken with my first visit to the fabulously vibrant painted wall and the facing mirrors of Chance Street.



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