Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Lurkations in London Bridge

Our midweek London Street Photography Meetup (to make up for none last weekend) was entitled Lurking in London Bridge. Polly's choice of location meant that my journey was a mere descent of our lift, so I actually managed to not be late!


The remit was we'd scout a suitable location (or lurkation, as we prefer to call it) and wait (and wait) for characters to enter our chosen stage, all whilst being surveilled by the ever-eager security guards. You can take a photo of the Shard (though they'd probably rather we didn't) but standing in one spot for 20 minutes photographing shadows falling onto the blinds of the Shard is mighty suspicious! I was challenged, but in a curiously passive way. "Are you taking photos of shadows?". Response, "yes!" "Ah, okay then!"...mumbles into walkie talkie..."Yes, she's taking photos of shadows..."


I chose three main lurkations, plus two subsidiary spots and shot nearly 250 photos - that's a lot of lurking and a lot of whittling down!

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