Saturday, 19 December 2015

Brick Lane & banter

So I'm back, I've returned for another fun London Street Photography Meetup lurking, mingling and stalking, this time around Spitalfields and Brick Lane. We were looking for a gesture, a face in the crowd, an expression.

We met a dapper man who was undeniably totally off his face. Not sure on what, but heavily self medicated! Luckily he took a liking to Darren plus he thought Polly could be David Gilmour's wife, Polly, so I could steal a few shots of him. Other than the name, there seems to be no resemblance! Did I say he was as high as a kite?

Also managed to take a sneaky shot from the hip shot of Bruno, who I met last time.

Met some new Streettogs too, the bizarre, straggly wig sported by the Pastafarian (I'm not sure I can explain) will remain with me for a long time! We retired to the pub for a few drinks and plenty of banter.

I felt that I should post-process all the resultant images in black and white, perhaps channelling those Streettogs of old. I think I've found a new weekend past-time instead of hibernating!


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