Saturday, 12 December 2015

Learning to lurk, mingle & stalk!

I don't claim to partake in much Street Photography, after Carmargue last summer perhaps some sneaky shooting from the hip in a French market but I don't seem to be able to channel Johnny Stiletto in London, but I heard Polly has a regular Meetup based on that dark art so thought I'd join my first Meetup and have a go.

We started with a warm up and then after viewing some inspirational images we set forth to work with the windows, the extravagance, the luxury.

And I surprised myself, I had a lovely afternoon, lurking, mingling and stalking shoppers around Knightsbridge with a couple of other Streettogs at the London Street Photography Meetup. We even spotted the photographer Dougie Wallace working on his Harrodsburg project ...Oh and there might have been shopping after the photography bit (though Harvey Nix, not Harrods!) Thank you Polly, I still need to perfect my blending in, but I will definitely be back.

Now to pick my top three to post on the Meetup page, hmmmm!

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