Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mr Panda

Tonight's Photography Social challenge is recreating a film poster, any film poster -"our way". I'm slightly alarmed knowing that at least one of the tutors doesn't appear to have seen any movies. I guess he's just been too busy taking great photographs. I've managed to rock up late again so the advanced group have all dispersed so I head out for the group challenge, solo. It will be tricky to muster up a poster involving people by myself but I have a trusty bag of minifigs with me so I just need inspiration. I'm sifting through my rather bulging bag tossing up between reviving Donnie Darko, something involving a man in a chicken outfit or perhaps in a huge burst of irony, The Lego Movie. But then I realise I have a small handful of men in suits so I look for a plain orange or red background.

I find a useful ledge in a doorway painted a glossy pillar box red. I've got a minifig that could possibly pass as a Mr Pink, a Mr White, Mr Orange, a Mr Brown and the little known character Mr Panda.

It didn't fare too well in the scoring, I got marked down for the panda! Which does seem rather ironic as those marking don't seem to have ever seen Reservoir Dogs. And we were supposed to create our interpretation of a movie poster, so you can't win really!


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