Friday, 30 May 2014

Messing around in Romney Marsh

I've been delinquent posting the fruits of my Robert Canis photography workshop to Romney Marsh, so will address that now. Another foray to deepest Kent and today on a very fine Spring evening with hopes of an interesting sunset.
We start off exploring the reeds in search of swans, their cygnets, flower specimens and water lilies. Robert reckons I can manage everything hand-held so I just carry my tripod from spot to spot.
Then we approach an infamous stone ruin of a church in Midley and enjoy photographing it from every possible angle. I love the young wheat and the texture it gives.
After we've had our fill here we trapse through fields of the renowned Romney Marsh sheep to find the perfect spot to set up our tripods and capture the sun setting on the curve of the marshy stream. Typically with all our walking about I've mislaid the quick-release plate for my tripod that was screwed (clearly not tightly enough) to my camera. I try and retrace my steps but we've covered a lot of ground. I'm so pleased I'm continuing my expensive habit of leaving something behind on every foray into Kent. I've shed several close-up filters on previous occasions and now a tripod plate has joined the hoarde.
I have to shoot all my remaining photos hand-held. In the future I'll always have a backup, just in case.
As we're heading off we espy a nice scene of a line of trees, find a good spot to park the car candidates fire off a few final shots.

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