Sunday, 16 February 2014

Still tangling away

These are some of my latest doodles under the auspices of tangling inspired by the Zentangle® method of pattern drawing. It's definitely becoming addictive and I think I'm getting better at it too.

My favourites from this batch is the one that look like jewel encrusted eggs, never a bad thing, and the loops of Meer, B'tweed and Vega making the loops of a ribbon.

All the Zentangles I've created so far have been in black ink but this week I had a delivery of a set of watercolour pencils so thought I'd broach injecting some colour. After choosing some of favourite organic tangles to emulate a landscape of sorts, I introduced layers of watercolour pencil. Hmm I still not entirely sure yet! This was my first brush (!) with watercolour pencils and I rather like how they work. You have the precision of the pencil point and then get to soften the solid colour with water. I will have another go with the watercolour, perhaps I'll try a wash next time

I have ordered my official Zentangle tiles all the way from the the home of Zentangles, Providence, Rhode Island, so I hope to start creating designs for others,


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