Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Discovering our inner Hitchcock

It's a quiet social tonight and I'm in a small group in a fairly desolate area around South Bank. We've all been given the challenge of Hitchcock and everyone seems to be looking for birds. I'm pretty convinced they'll be asleep so I'm more interested in rear windows. We find some but they're not impactful enough so we scratch our head a decide what we really need is a guess appearance of Hitchcock himself at the beginning of his movies. We find a spot where we can get a crisp shadow and to finish the look, a handy rear window. I encourage my team mate to ditch his flat cap and rucksack, and stuff his jacket with my hat and scarf. It has to be monochrome to complete the mood. I'm pretty pleased with our resultant shot and scored us a big fat ten! Whooo!

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