Sunday, 8 May 2016

Danger of death in the zone!


It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine! Well we did survive the "End of the World in Smithfields" London Street Photography Meetup, whilst enduring the most glorious weather a Polly Meetup had ever experienced.


We're back documenting the very end of the world again. The plan was to explore and escape from three contaminated zones around the ever so quiet meat market capturing the emptiness of the deserted streets, eerily quiet after the humans had gone. Sometimes the panic-striken fleeing humans leave detritus and the odd body part in their wake which adds a little colour. To be fair, no body parts seemed to be strewn around, there wasn't even any meat at the meat market. Though that's a relief for health and safety at least!


My favourite image today was achieved by poking my camera into a grill and focusing on the danger of death sign. The sunlight pouring through the other circular apertures formed a pleasing bokeh, and the padlock got framed too. I also loved the interesting lines the shadows formed by the roof of the market.


We discovered an almost entirely empty underground car park which was generated rich hunting ground for dark corners, painted arrows, random bits of iron staircase and street signs.


To capture a few worm-eye views of the post-apocalyptic world I attached a pocket tripod to my Q, positioned it carefully on the road and then used my iPhone to control the all camera settings. That's how I was able to capture a fast food container conveniently nibbled by a rodent, certainly preferable than me lying face down in some less than fragrant alleyways to get the shot!

I also used the same technique to take a sneaky action shot of our group heading for the next zone...I believe it was the pub zone!

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