Saturday, 9 April 2016

The rise of the Pollards!

Another foray into what I’m pretty sure is my favourite theme of the London Street Photography Meetups, namely Man vs. Architecture.


This time we were set loose in the Barbican Estate, picking out the lone humans or the occasional couple against the brutalist concrete architecture of walkways, residential blocks and terraces.


It seemed round each corner we’d find a new tiled corridor, balcony, staircase where a silhouette of a resident or passing visitor would complete a pleasing convergence of strong, grey architectural lines.


I felt for the locals in particular, as in some places there didn’t seem too many of them so popping out on a short Saturday morning walk to do some errands, taking the rubbish out, grabbing a pint of milk was accompanied by the dulcet clicking of a dozen cameras recording their every stride.


After haunting the residential areas we ventured towards the peripheries of the Barbican Arts Centre to add a cluster of dramatic ceiling lights to our photo mix. Then needing some refreshments we retired to one of the bars in Barbican Arts Centre for a burger and something cold and fizzy.


When we were sated, and tracing our steps back to Barbican tube, Polly took us to view her favourite bollards (doesn’t everyone have those?!), which forever more will be known as ‘pollards’


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