Saturday, 12 March 2016

Man, architecture and bubbles

Another fine London Street Photography Meetup, the theme was back to Man vs. Architecture but this time in and around the Tate Modern. Our warm-up exercise was "a story in shadows". Sadly, the brief burst of sunshine we experienced meant more of a incomplete sentence, rather than a story.

However on entering the dramatic building we had better luck finding dramatic lines, textures, shady nooks and preferably lone people in them. Though it seems humans generally seem to prefer enjoying art in packs.

I also snuck in a photo of the lovely Laaaaaaraaaaaaa!

Outside I was rather hypnotised by the bubble blower on the South Bank. Today was no exception as most of my street photography is generally realised in monochrome, but I couldn't resist this splash of colour for this ginormous vibrant bubble.

I do really enjoy this theme, especially when you manage to find a lone figure or two in an optimum spot. I love the clean lines, the monochrome, the silhouettes!

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