Monday, 1 December 2014

Photo slices

I've been a huge go fan of business cards since I first saw them. I have the original rounded corner cards, I also created postcards and then also Christmas cards. But whenever I see a stack of the skinny Moo cards at the London Photo Festival, I wish I had some of those too. On the spur of the moment I reviewed a slew of photographs seeing if they'd work as slivers. And I guess I must have had some good feelings about some of them because I ordered 34 designs and when Moo whisked them to me, I decided I couldn't resist immediately ordering one of their special frames to display 20 of them. I also tweaked some of the colours, especially the B&W ones, that have a tendency to be gloomy if unchecked. And I added one more photo, hot off the press from our new building balcony. The frames are great because as long as you have an even number of portraits and landscapes, you can keep changing the pictures around. The only downside is that the frame seems to attract every teeny iota of fluff and dust floating about, and it's very attractive to fingerprints.

The plan is to stand the photo frame on my desk at work to inspire me to get of the office at a reasonable time, and throw myself into more photography. I know I crave the creative succour I get from immersing myself in what I truly love, I just need to do it more often.



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