Sunday, 31 August 2014

Warehouses, surrealism and selfies

After a tasty lunch we visit a few more monochromatic displays and then continuing to follow the purple moose, head to the more industrial area of town. We enter the part housing a series of dilapidated warehouses, there's a whole chunk of the exhibits we can tick off here. Even as we enter the first space the sunlight pouring through the ornate fretwork is casting intriguing designs on the floor.

Many of the exhibits consists of collections and some seem laboured, and repetitive. There's a curious group of Dutch photographers recording everything from trees reflected in car bonnets, old prams, geraniums and even performance art where someone tries to get himself in other's photographs, in a local newspaper, for example.

The largest space was given to a Spanish surreal photographer Chema Madoz. I have seen his photos previously but seeing the entire exhibition was very compelling and I was determined to find out more about his work. There are tables of photography books for purchasing running down the middle of the warehouse space but a coffee table book on Madoz might have to be an Amazon purchase when back home.

We're starting to get a little photoed out by now but still new rooms reveal themselves so warrant investigation.

By the door there is an old fashioned photo booth and we decided our final act here should be to commemorate our visit with a black and white souvenir. I'm not a fan of self portraits but am persuaded to strike a pose. It's nice to see the original photo booths rather than the ones constructed around a rigged up to a Canon Mark II at pretty much every party/social gathering these days.

Outside we encounter more of the distinctive street art, an abundance of the hearts and crosses and the ever watchful eyes. As they are closing for the evening we managed to squeeze in one more exhibit, mainly full of cardboard buildings. And yes I was compelled to briefly interact a little more than other visitors to one of the pieces!







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