Sunday, 16 March 2014

Easy like a Sunday evening

It's one of those perfect Spring nights down by the river. I'm waiting to meet AL for a spot of Sunday night dinner and I'm drawn, as so many are, to sit by the river and enjoy the colours of the sun's diminishing rays in a beautiful setting.

We've had so much rain but we're lucky tonight we having a taste of warmer months. When I arrived there were plenty milling in front of the White Cross pub, I was rather taken with the golden halos as the buzzy crowd bathed in the golden glow. The sun's rays are dancing on the surface of the water occasionally rippled by passing ducks and row boats.

As the sun sinks lower, a local musician plays a set to an appreciate crowd lining the terraces of the Riverside Development. There's an animated group perched on the the edge of the slipway sharing a drink and a joke. Their laughter floats over to where I'm seated and I'm determined to try and catch their exuberance. After a few shots I'm happy to catch them, one of the last boats being rowed down the Thames here and above, a jet approaching Heathrow airport. I'm reminded again I live in a gorgeous place and I should really enjoy it more often than I do.


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