Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Just doing it!

First Photography Social of the year and we’re back at Smithfield Meat Market again. We’ve congregated considerably too late or rather too early to see the meat part of the market. The refrigerated trucks will roll in later.

I'm running late as usual, that just one more email syndrome is hard to shake off so I join my team whilst they're formulating their plan what to photograph. We’ve been given the challenge of ’Just do it.’ No one of us are dressed in any way that could deem sporty so we first try and get a good cyclist shot. Resorting to Google we can see the Nike ads we’re trying to emulate go for crisp clear shots so slow shutter speeds are out. The light is not too hot so opt to stay under the well lit entrance to the market and somehow lure cyclist into range.

We spot a lone jogger and one of our team pounces. This might work. We need a blandish background for them to pose in front of and I opted for a small slice of wall to the left of one the large openings into the food hall. The shot is not as dynamic as I hoped but we don't want to try her patience. We don't use my shot but RD’s cyclist.

To change the mood the individual shot is “dead slow!” My first thought is trying to get a still shot juxtaposed against the traffic. The cars aren't really doing any great speed here but after some playing around I found a good spot to balance my penguin. I chose the wait indicator on the pedestrian crossing. The position gave me some nice bokeh from the traffic behind and a fine shadow of the lonely penguin!


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