Thursday, 13 October 2011

Don't look down!

Tonight the Frui Social is on a boat, not a boat that sails up and down the Thames but one firmly anchored. I have packed some sensible shoes for exploring later but on arrival I'm wearing my new hot pink, bejewelled and befeathered and exceedingly skyscraper high shoes - no, I'm not sure why either! It was one of those good idea at the time situations. My first realisation of my epic fail in the shoe department was when I attempted to walk the extremely steep gang plank, so steep I had to be rescued. Fortunately once I'd arrived on relative terra firma, albeit a watery one, I could slip into something less fabulous!

This Social’s theme is surprisingly literal maybe due our not very well lit surroundings. We had to photograph water, wheel, street sign, statue, food, and as a curve ball, dog poo. I can only speculate what goes through Henry’s mind when concocting the night’s challenge. The pavements around here are wide and seemingly very dog free. Finally after spending a disproportionate part of our allotted hour scouring the immaculate pavements for the elusive substance and yes we managed it, and took quite an artistic shot considering but was pipped to the post by some soggy Mars Bar fakery.

However the real verses fake dog poo-gate aside I did score a ten out of ten for my statue picture. Result!

What wasn't such a result was changing back into my not-so-sensible shoes and then realising the tide had gone out and the angle of the boat's gang plank was considerably more perilous than my arrival. Doh!

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